Pen Argyl High School

Pen Argyl Area High School
501 West Laurel Avenue
Pen Argyl, PA 18072

Telephone: (610) 863-1293-Ext. 1
Fax Number: (610) 863-7660
District Office Telephone: (610) 863-3191

Administrative Staff

Superintendent: Dr. William Haberl
Assistant Superintendent: Dr. Margaret Petit
High School Principal: Mr. David Domchek
Assistant Principal: Mr. Jason Oakley
Technology Coordinator: Mr. Ronald Riedi
Director of Special Education: Mrs. Karol D'Huyvetters
Secretary: Mrs. Anne-Marie Weaver
Attendance Secretary: Mrs. Robin Pagotto
Guidance Secretary: Miss Mary Kessler
Athletic Director: Mr. Tim Egan
Asst. Athletic Dir./Trainer: Nathan Roberts
Food Service Coordinator: Ms. Juliana Farrell

School Distinctions and Traditions

School Yearbook: Memoirs
School Newspaper: Green Echo
School Mascot: Green Knight
School Colors: Green/White
Conference: Colonial League

Alma Mater

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Beneath the azure sky
Rests our noble Alma Mater
Rests Pen Argyl High.

Her lofty tower of shining white
Amid the hills of green
Stands a stalward sentinel that ever can be seen

In her spacious halls of learning
Let our memories roam
For there is no greater treasure
By immortals known.

We will always love and praise you
Green and White our cry
Hail to thee Alma Mater
Hail Pen Argyl High.